Why people like watches from About Vintage

Why people like watches from About Vintage
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For the short period About Vintage has been in existence, is watches have grown in popularity. They embody the spirit of independence and creativity from which it was born. They develop custom made watches that people love to wear and to look at.

Here are some reasons why time pieces from this young watch design company are loved the world over.

Elegant design

The chronograph watch from About Vintage is one of the most beautifully and elegantly designed watches you can ever find. With steel dots on a white background, it is beautiful to look at and very easy to look at. You can quickly tell what the time is based on this beautiful design.

They are functional

First from their design and from their look. Watches from About Vintage are easy to use. You can quickly throw a glance at the watch and accurately tell what time it is.

Also, About Vintage watches are automatic and durable.


For their class and elegance, these watches are quite affordable. They are designed to cushion many of their customers from the rising cost of leading designer watches. They are comfortably priced and are within reach for as many people as would like to buy these watches.

Status symbols

These beautiful watches around the wrist of the wearer are status symbols. A high quality and elegantly designed watches are a good indicator of success. The style and design of the chronograph watches from About Vintage are high quality, long lasting and are an unmistakable sign of success.


The chronograph watch is a stylish watch. It comes with extra straps that you can change to match with your outfit, car or mood. The straps are made from genuine leather and are easy to change.

The watch itself is made from elegant and shiny stainless steel. Each of the watches is uniquely crafted and designed with a unique number on each. They are presented in a beautifully polished wooden box to add to the style and elegance of the watch.

Great gift

About Vintage has manufactured exquisite watches that can be a perfect gift for any man in your life. Its watches are good gifts for anyone that you can think about. They design watches for both men and women.

With their beauty, functionality and elegant design, the watch will be a welcome and valued gift. Their packaging is elegant and designed for gift giving. In addition, they can easily engrave any message for free on any of the watches that you buy.

Enhance your image

In many professional settings, you will find people who wear watches are highly regarded. Watches from About Vintage are watches that you can proudly wear to the office and their exquisite design and style will show your image as a consummate professional.


About Vintage is driven by exclusiveness in the crafting and designing of their chronograph watch. Each of these watches has a unique number to show they have undergone an exclusive and unique design process to get to the buyer.

Help users to save time

Watches are useful time telling instruments and, in this age, they are also useful in saving time. In this age when smartphones are used to tell time and browse social media, having a watch is a great way to stay away from the distraction that social media is.

One minute you are checking the time on your watch and the next you are distracted from your work for an hour. A lot of time is wasted for not having a watch on your wrist.


Watches from About Vintage are highly reliable. They are long-lasting and their design is timeless.


About Watches produce watches that are widely celebrated and loved by many of their customers. They have beautiful features that make the watches stand out when worn around the wrist. They also exude elegance, style, high-quality craftsmanship and value for money.


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