Ways to create your soothing oasis by matching décor with lifestyle

Ways to create your soothing oasis by matching décor with lifestyle
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Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only include diet and physical activity. It’s about changing your lifestyle as a whole from any aspect of your life, including improving the environment at home. Décor has a lot of influence on how people feel and making it part of your lifestyle is important for mind and soul.

You will feel more calm and relaxed in the ambiance that matches your healthy lifestyle and nurtures your positive behavior. So, when you start making adjustments to your lifestyle, make sure to match it with your living environment. And to help you do it right, here are ways to create your soothing oasis and enhance your life.

Ways to create your soothing oasis by matching décor with lifestyle

Let the colors speak

Colors are a very important factor in human life. They affect feelings, moods, décor and can determine relationships forming between people and things. Because of their strong psychological effect, wall colors are among the first thing people change in their homes when they want to improve their lifestyles.

For example, blue will help you relax and lower your blood pressure, but since it’s a cold color it may make you sad at times. Green brings serenity and inner peace and is ideal for the living room since it goes well with lots of shades like blue, grey, brown, gold, off white, pink and purple furniture. If you are looking for neutral tones, grey and beige will easily adapt to the surroundings and allow you to be creative with accessories. Light pink is perfect for creating a calming environment making it ideal for bedrooms, while orange and red are energetic and great for entertainment areas like the dining room.

What kind of host are you?

When you start decorating your place, think about home traffic. Namely, if you like to host parties you will need more room for the entertainment area like a big seating set and spacious dining area. One of the ways to have more people is by building window seats and using ottomans.

On the other hand, small get-togethers will require a modest setting perfect for intimate conversation. Throw pillows are wonderful to spread on the floor and seat down in a Boho style practice and are great if you have children, as well. Lighting has a lot to do with setting the mood, so install wall and floor lamps to create a more comfortable room.

Defeat clutter

Clutter leads to emotional and physical chaos. Bumping into things and not being able to find your belongings is nerve-wracking and will put a dent into your healthy lifestyle. So, find a time to declutter your space and even use some of the popular methods if you have to like Marie Kondo’s, for example.

However, keeping your home tidy is the key to create a serene and peaceful environment so you have to think about storage. Multipurpose furniture is one of the ways to keep magazines, clothes and other things out of your space and far away from eyesight. For example, coffee tables that can serve as chairs and have storage areas inside are perfect for small spaces. Another way to defeat clutter is by having open cabinets where you can put your items on display while keeping them tidy at the same time.

Create your heavenly view

One of the calming effects of the garden comes from simply looking at it. Green and colorful leaves have a positive effect on the mind helping it eliminate stress and relax. So, instead of eagerly waiting for the warmer weather to enjoy your garden, make it available the whole year. Replace the wall with quality window hardware and a door to open up your space visually and allow nature to come in.

Adding windows will bring more natural light into the room which will boost your mood and help you create a cozy ambiance. This is especially great for small spaces since the room will seem bigger by opening more to the outside world. Moreover, you will create a perfect spot to relax after a tough day at work and simply de-stress with a heavenly view of the garden.

Break the rules

Breaking the rules is very important in personalizing your space. It will give it uniqueness and help you create a style that is more close to your lifestyle. For example, if you have an open space apartment you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of space this modern style brings. However, by using screens and furniture you can easily create zones and create a cozier atmosphere.

A minimalistic room will look more pleasant with a soft rug and lavish couch, while unusually shaped furniture pieces can break the dullness for an artistic person. Add a splash of color here and there that will wake up space and give it more warmth. Also, when you choose curtains, go for those with patterns and images like giant flowers to create a playful décor.


Your home should be a comfortable place where you will always feel welcome. By matching décor with a lifestyle you will create a soothing oasis to relax and escape the world alone or by entertaining guests. Moreover, it will give you home that you need to improve your life and feel better even through rough times.

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