Top 6 places to visit in Queensland


This tropical part of Australia is where you’ll be able to enjoy two of the world’s most majestic natural wonders, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Although the world’s largest coral reef is a good enough reason to go on a plane, Australia’s northeast cherishes of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, filled with all kinds of animals and plants.

So if you’re planning on taking a trip in order to make your life more enjoyable, consider going to Queensland to experience all the magical thing it has.

Explore Amazing Ancient Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest contains so many natural wonders like lushes rainforest amazing waterfalls, and beautiful reefs.

The best way to experience it is by taking a tour. You can hike or sail through this wonderland among old beautiful trees, cool swamplands and some awesome native birds and experience the wild side of life.

If you want to experience the native Aussie favourites like kangaroos, crocodiles and some cute cassowaries. You can take a walk with a guide or a small group tour and you’ll have the chance to feed the animals.


Uncover the Oldest Lava Tubes on Earth

If you want to take an uncommon weekend road trip, going to explore the Undara Volcanic National Park is just for you. You can explore majestic caves carved out by volcanic lava that are over 190,000 years old.

What makes this road trip so special is all the other natural attractions you will come across. When would you be able to see lava tubes, volcanic craters, and amazing waterfalls all in one trip?

Stay in the Great Barrier Reef Eco-resort

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay that is located at the tip of the famous Great Barrier Reef. Don’t worry about your stay and activities on the island won’t have any negative effect on the reef as fishing and diving are rigorously observed. Your stay on this island will be out of the ordinary. The whole resort is committed to sustainable living, therefore you won’t see any telephones, TVs or radios there.

The island has breathtaking clear waters with amazing visibility of 20 meters. The amount of people that are let at once is carefully monitored, so there are no crowds and everyone will enjoy their time.


Enjoy the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha

Providing you with the best panoramic views of Brisbane, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha is the most popular attraction with locals and visitors. Mount Coot-tha gardens are around seven kilometers away from the actual city. Its diverse gardens will take you on a journey through amazing 128 acres of gardens.

The most popular is the beautiful Japanese gardens and the large collection of rainforest trees, as well as the part that is dedicated to pleasant smelling plants, bamboo and cactus. If you like plants you will enjoy the walk through the rainforest, and they offer free walks with guides and bus tours.

You can stop at the famous Brisbane Lookout Mount Coot-tha, which is close to the gardens, for a beautiful overview of the whole area, with the city’s tall buildings peeking from far away. But if you want to experience all that Brisbane has to offer, but you don’t have that much time to spare you can find charter hire in Brisbane, and they will help you get the full experience and the most beautiful view of the city.

Cuddle a Koala

Snuggling with a koala is the most basic but most fun authentic Australian experience you can have, and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the best place to visit for some koala snuggles. Other native animals like kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, and even crocodiles live in this sanctuary that is located on the Brisbane River.

You will be able to experience things like bird and platypus feedings, sheepdogs and meeting and petting barn animals. To top the cutest cuddling koala picture off, you will also take home a photo of you and a cute snake or tiny baby crocodile, you can choose which one you want.


Visit Betty’s Beach

If you are a photographer you need to pay a visit to Betty’s Beach. It is a hidden spot close to Whitehaven Beach. Yes, there are a couple of places that offer a pure aquamarine seascape like this one.

But what makes that specific Whitsunday blue water is the fine sediment in the water and it reflects the light. At low tide, this crystal clear waters create swirling patterns in Whitehaven’s white sand that has a lot of quartz, which makes it that much finer than other islands’ beaches.

Queensland is an amazing spot for a road trip around Australia, you can drive up the coast and explore many interesting places, and you will never want your road trip to come to an end.


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