5 tips for successful baby travel

baby travel

We all know that traveling with a baby can be extremely difficult to do. Not only do you have to pack necessities like diapers and bottles, but you also have to make sure you take toys along to keep them entertained.

The point of our tips list is to remove the stigma that traveling with your child is difficult to do. Being prepared is what will make the trip run as smoothly as it possibly can go.

Be flexible and take loads of naps when your baby shows fatigue. These and a few other ideas that we have on our list will help put the relaxation in your family vacation.

We made a list of 5 tips that will help you make any trip with your baby a successful one. Pull the car around and load it up because your baby’s ready for a smooth and relaxing ride!

1.Book a suite with multiple rooms

Booking a suite with separate rooms allows you space to breathe. Think about it if you’re piled into the same room all day for the majority of the trip it can become easy to get irritated.

And if you and your spouse wish to become intimate or watch a movie it is best to have separate rooms. This way you won’t disturb children that are sleeping and your children won’t be able to disturb you.

If a hotel is expensive to try checking out apartment rentals or an air BnB for the duration of your trip. Also, depending on the traveling system your using request a ground-level room.

If you haven’t considered using a travel system make sure to check out the best travel systems at Childmode.com. Using a travel system can ensure that you save valuable space that you may need to pack other vacation essentials and other bags of luggage.

It will allow you to transition a car seat into a stroller without missing a beat!

2. Bring enough baby food

If your not a mom that breastfeeding exclusively then ensure that you bring enough food and formula for your baby. While I’m sure you can find a grocery store anywhere you go to purchase these things.

Be aware that not every place you visit will have the exact brand of food or formula that your children use. Therefore if you choose to rely on the destination to provide food for your child, you could be left struggling to find something for them to eat.

If you’re a mom that exclusively breastfeeding then you don’t have to worry because you’re able to produce food for your child anywhere and anytime. Due to airport restrictions on things like liquid you may not be able to bring a ton of food that your baby would need to sustain them for the duration of the trip.

3. Embrace nap time

If your baby takes a nap perhaps that is a sign that you should take one too. Instead of continuing the hustle and bustle nap with your child that way you both are recharged and ready for the next activity.

Allowing your child to nap can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a meltdown during a family outing. When they begin to get tired away from a place they can sleep it can be hard to deal with.

Think about using a carrier when you are out looking around. The carrier allows your child to take a nap while you carry them if they become fatigued whilst you’re enjoying the sights.

Also planning travel around nap times can make it a less chaotic event. Children tend to get fussy when they have to sit in a seat for too long of a time. Traveling that’s schedules around naptime can ensure your child sleeps for the majority of the time your in the car or on the plane.

4. Feed your baby early

Make it a habit to feed your child before embarking on an activity. If you feed them before you leave your able to go a bit longer of time before you have to feed them again.

You will also skip having to frantically find an area to feed your child in while your out and about. So if possible give your child a full belly before you decide to go out and sightsee your vacation area.

Trust me there is nothing more chaotic than enjoying a day out and then all of a sudden your child starts to have a meltdown because they are hungry. And when the meltdown starts it only gets worse until your baby’s hunger is satisfied.

5. Be prepared to change plans

When you go on a trip with your baby have a flexible schedule. Babies can be unpredictable on a day to day and even moment by moment period of time so be flexible.

Your flexibility to go with whatever comes your way will not only alleviate stress, but it will also help your child remain calm. A loose schedule means you can do anything at any time within reason.

A rigid schedule could cause you to lose money if you’ve bought tickets for a show. Or it can cause you to miss an event entirely. So keep in mind your supposed to be having a stress-free vacation and in order for something to be stress-free it can’t be on a planned out minute by minute schedule.

Using these five essential tips will help travel to go much smoother than you could have ever anticipated. So, mom’s and dad’s where shall the next family vacation be.

Will it be overseas or maybe somewhere local? Wherever we go, you can be sure that traveling with your baby won’t make this trip difficult of a headache for everyone involved.


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