15 tiny changes to make your life more enjoyable

how to be happy in life

Big plans don’t require big changes to be successful. It all comes down to those little things in life which make us happy and satisfied so we have the strength to face big moments. Something as small as dancing lessons or enjoying the morning breeze can give you a push to face the stress and expectations of the day. So, if to get this kind of energy, here are 15 tiny changes to make your life more enjoyable and teach you to value everything about yourself.


1. Do stretches every morning

Do stretches every morning

Although it would be great to work out at least 20 minutes every morning, start with something smaller and easier to uphold to – stretches. They are great to get the blood flow running and lose the sleeping stiffness in your muscles. Moreover, you will feel more relaxed and energized to face the day ahead thanks to fee-good hormones that come with even the slightest exercises. If you like this idea, try practicing yoga three times a week and slowly turn it into a habit. That will make your day.


2. Hang out with friends at least once a week

hangout with friends

Socializing is an important part of human life and hanging out with friends at least once a week will do you good. It doesn’t have to anything fancy like partying until morning, a simple setting like an afternoon at the coffee shop will do. Based on a Harvard study, spending time with people brings joy and this doesn’t mean communicating via apps. For human connection to truly work, you need to spend time with people face-to-face and far away from the virtual world.


3. Start making to-do lists

Lists are an excellent way to keep yourself organized and set your goals. If you have never done this type of planning before, start small by making a to-do list for the upcoming list. To-do lists are also a great way to be realistic about your expectations and fulfill your dreams more easily. Basically, besides what groceries to buy, you can also develop detailed steps on how to achieve something you want like to lose weight or get a promotion.


4. Read one book a month

Read one book a month

Reading is more than a hobby and something to do in your free time. Discovering new worlds and characters in fiction literature makes you more empathetic and creative. Also, some novels may inspire you while others will give you comfort. Literature has so many genres that you will easily find what you like, from classics to mainstream authors. If you haven’t read in a while and are afraid you don’t have the time, start reading one chapter each day. That way you will read at least one book a month and get used to spending time on a book.


5. Learn to say “no”

Every day you are expected to do things that you are interested in, like participating in an event, partying or doing favors. But the key to withstanding all the pressure is to say “no” to some of them from time to time. If something doesn’t make you excited, then think hard if you should do it. Value your time and politely decline the invite. Instead, spend time doing something you like and enjoy to recharge and be satisfied.


6. Live in the now

Constantly pursuing the next best thing is not only exhausting but can lead to disappointment. So, appreciate what is in the now and stop constantly pressuring yourself to look for more. Learning how to be happy in the now will bring you a great future and a fulfilled life. We all have expectations, but once in a while, we should take a break from chasing happiness and be content with a moment.


7. Take a break in nature

Take a break in nature

You don’t have to take a trip to a national park or put on your running shoes to enjoy nature, do it whenever you get the chance. If there is a park near your work, have a lunch break there and enjoy the fresh air. Being outdoors helps the brain to reset, making it easier to clear the head and come up with new ideas. And if you can travel outside the town, go camping and hiking in nature for a couple of days every month to completely recharge your batteries and regenerate in a peaceful setting.


8. Weekends are for rest and fun

Live the work at the office and turn your computer off for the weekend. Overworking yourself will only make you miserable and unhappy, which in turn will affect your productivity and focus to complete the tasks. Instead, unwind with friends, hobbies, and family to eliminate stress relax. Taking a break from work during the weekend is necessary to rest mentally and physically so you can start the Monday fresh and rejuvenated.


9. Spend less time on social media

While social media has good moments like connecting you to people and make you feel included in the world, it can also cause problems. Studies showed that social media can cause anxiety, depression, affect sleep, destroy confidence and make you disconnect from reality. Instead, you need to spend less time on social media and more in the real world and present. Limit your access to social media profiles by installing an app that will warn you when you spent too much time on them. Or simply, delete the apps from your phone and use them only when you are at your computer.


10. Go to the movies

Go to the movies

Films have been a favorite entertainment since they first showed up at the end of the 19th century. They make you feel a myriad of emotions, think millions of thoughts and even learn something new. And with so many films playing in theatres and available digitally, you will easily find what you like. You can even turn going to the movie into a traditional outing with friends, partner or family so the experience would be even better.


11. Donate old clothes

Doing something good for others brings joy and happiness in your life. Look for the charities that you would gladly support like soup kitchens or animal shelters and sign in to volunteer. Also, declutter your closet and donate your old clothes to charities. There is a lot of online campaigns as well and even the smallest sums of money will be appreciated. Whenever you give back to the community and help those in need, the brain triggers the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin. Your social connectedness will increase and you will gain more confidence and self-esteem.


12. Celebrate holidays

Celebrate holidays

Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s are traditionally celebrated, but there are many more you can include in your life. Put on Halloween makeup and costume on October 31st and have fun walking the streets dressed as your favorite pop-cultural character. If you are single, celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other single friends, parents or pets. Holidays are a time of joy and bringing people closer together so don’t miss out on all the love and affection you can get.


13. Take up a hobby

A hobby is a great way to relax and enjoy doing something you like. It’s never too late to have a hobby and you can, for example, learn to play piano in your 50s or dance in your 60s. Since most hobbies are done in groups, it is also a nice way to meet new people and socialize. It will build your confidence, keep you physically active and increase your satisfaction with life. Not to mention that hobbies are an excellent stress reliever and will chase away negative emotions caused by personal life or work.


14. Put your phone aside

It’s unimaginable to spend a minute without a smartphone, but spending an hour without it will do you good. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk or put it on silent mode and enjoy some leisure time. Create a calming morning ritual without a phone and enjoy a cup of coffee by talking to your partner, watching TV or simply admiring the view from your terrace. Also, learn how to meditate and spend five minutes each morning taking relaxing breaths and clearing your head. It will improve your concentration and mood so you will be more productive during the day.


14. Be grateful for what you have

To truly know happiness and joy, you need to be grateful for what you have. Make a list of all the good things in your life and include even the little things like autumn leaves and great hair color. Keep a gratitude journal where you will write about the things you appreciate in your life every day. This will make your life more positive, improve your quality of sleep and reduce stress. Not to mention that you will discover so many good things in your life and be happier for them.

In the end

You don’t have to exhaust yourself with achievements to have value and happiness in your life. Doing only one or two of these 15 tiny changes will make your life more enjoyable, but all of them will make your existence truly fulfilled.


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