10 shocking sexual traditions around the world

shocking sexual traditions

You might find it difficult to believe, but the topic, “sex” is different all over the world.

Sex is actually a practice in some countries. And these sexual practices are not just preferences, they are actually seen as a tradition and culture across the globe.

You will be nothing short of shocked when we highlight some sexual customs in this post. What is seen as a taboo for a particular country is a normal thing elsewhere. Let’s jump right into it and highlight 10 shocking sexual traditions around the world that will shock you:

Shocking sexual traditions around the world

1. Semen sipping

 shocking sexual traditions around the world

Strange but boys and girls of the Sambian tribe are required to sip the semen of the tribe’s strongest warriors. The act is carried out by kids between age seven and ten. As this goes on, participants also undergo piercings and nose bleeds. It is actually a tradition that has to be done, not a choice.

2. No kisses

Go to those who know their culture and ask of the Tonga tribe, kissing is not allowed there. The reason for this is because it involves an exchange of saliva. And even if kissing is a regular habit for a lot of us, research has shown that over half of the world’s societies still see it as “something gross.”

3. Guajiro women must make men fall to have sex

Guajiro is in Colombia. And the people that live there have a ceremonial dance they perform from time to time. If a lady should trip a guy during the dance, they are both compelled to have sex.


4. Trobriander tribe girls start having sex from age 6

 shocking sexual traditions around the world

Trobriander Tribe is in New Guinea. While Trobriander Tribe boys are allowed to start engaging in sexual activities from age ten to twelve, it is quite early for the girls. Girls actually start when they are just six years old. To cap it all up, it is actually seen as very legal over there.

5. Older ladies have sexual intercourse with younger boys in Mangaia

In that part of the world, boys around the age of thirteen have sexual intercourse with older women. It is the duty of these adult women to teach the boys all they should know about sex and how they can make their future partners happy in bed.

Wow again.

6. Blood brothers share one bride in Himalayas

 shocking sexual traditions around the world

Himalayas is a place with very few lands so the families there are quite small. Because of that harsh reality, everything is limited there, including a bride. One woman is allowed to have more than one husband even if the husbands are brothers. And these are brothers that do not mind sharing one woman too.

7. Open masturbation in Ancient Egypt

The Nile’s flow is supposed to be caused by the ejaculation of their god of creation. This is the reason for pharaohs masturbating openly into the Nile so that they can be enough water for irrigation.

Strange indeed.

8. Orgies and several partners in Chhattisgarh

The Muria tribe are also carefree when it comes to sex. There is a festival that holds from time in which girls and boys that are teenagers are taught all they should know about sex. They have sexual intercourse with various partners and even engage in orgies. These teenage kids are also warned to not be emotionally attached.

9. Women judge men in Niger

 shocking sexual traditions around the world

The Wodaabe tribe organizes a festival occasionally where men are supposed to perform and receive judgement from a panel of 3 women. Other ladies watching can choose their preferred man and tap his shoulder. This man will automatically become their new husband, even if the woman is married already.

10. Strange Indonesia

In Indonesia, during a particular celebration called “Pon”, those participating are compelled to have sex with one member of the opposite sex that is not their wife or husband. The belief is that their wishes will only become a reality if they have sex with the same person at 7 celebrations all through a specific year.


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