5 medical exams couples should undergo before marriage

5 medical exams for couples
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Before heading to the altar with the man or woman of your dreams, there are medical facts about your partner that you must know. Failure to do sure could be the biggest mistake you make in your life. And marriage with mistakes will eventually lead to a divorce, which will make the whole marriage thing a waste of time and resources.

Let’s help you avoid that experience with our list of 5 medical exams couples should undergo before marriage:

Medical exams for couples

5 medical exams for couples
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1. Genotype

Undergoing this test will let both of you know if you are sicklers (SS), carriers of the sickle cell trait (AS), or if your genotype is perfect (AA). This test is so vital that if couples are not aware, it could involve great consequences in future. Marriage counsellors have even taken it upon themselves to make it compulsory before marriage, so it is wise for you and your wife or husband to be to do the same.

2. Blood Group

Failing to undergo this test would mean couples are allowing the risk of hemolytic disease, which is a sickness that results in stillbirths and miscarriages. If you know your partner’s blood group, you will be able to save his or her life when there is an emergency. Not knowing is very dangerous.

3. HIV Test

HIV/AIDS is a very dangerous infection and the number of deaths it has been responsible for is a clear reason why couples should not toy with it. Go with your partner to a doctor and get yourselves tested for this disease before you begin to discuss marriage plans. This is the right thing to do if you do not want a rude awakening after saying yes.

5 medical exams for couples
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4. Fertility Test Index

This is a necessary test to be sure of your fertility and that of your partner. Research has revealed that fertility issues are mostly not discovered by couples until after 2 years of marriage and failed attempts at getting pregnant.

Therefore it is compulsory to undergo this test since it profiles the reproductive hormones in you and your partner. The men will have their semen tested and the women will have their ovulation tested.

However, if you and your partner already agreed to not have children, then you can ignore this one.

5. STDs

This might sound strange and seem like I am taking things too far, but that is not the case. If you did not know, popular infections such as gonorrhoea, if left unattended to, can become worse and lead to infertility in ladies. It can also result in strains and other problems in your marriage. You don’t want that. Go to the hospital with bae and get yourselves tested.


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