How to make the ever-useful Almond oil

how to make Almond oil
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Producing Almond oil is not as difficult as some people think. It has a long history of being one of the most healthy oil to take, due to the nutrients in the Almond seed. It is extracted from Almonds, which are the edible seeds of the Almond tree. Almond trees have their bitter and sweet kinds but the sweet type is preferred by many.

Studies have proven that Almond oil helps with the maintenance of the heart, gets rid of stretch marks and skin irritation and enhances your complexion. So why should it not be important to every single one of us?

To make things better and easier, you will not need to search endlessly for this oil because you can make it right inside your house. Making the oil yourself will mean it will be unrefined, and this is very healthy for your skin. Let’s discuss How to make the ever-useful Almond oil:

how to make Almond oil
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How to make Almond oil with a blender?

This should be an uncomplicated process for those that have a lot of time on their hands and an electric blender in their kitchen.

To make Almond oil with a blender, see what is required:

    • A blender.
    • 2 cups of raw almonds.
    • One-two tablespoons of olive oil.

Instructions to follow:

  1. Put the almonds in a blender. For the best result, make use of fresh dry nuts and make sure you leave the skins on.
  2. Begin to blend the Almonds at a slow speed. Slow and steadily, boost the speed as soon as they are completely crushed. Pause once in a while to scrape the Almonds off the inside of the blender.
  3. Immediately the crushed Almonds begin to gather up into a ball, add some olive oil and keep blending. If you feel the paste is still too thick, add the remaining olive oil.
  4. When the blending is done, and the mixture is of the appropriate consistency, remove it from the blender and put it in a plastic bowl or a glass jar.
  5. Leave the container with the Almond mixture to sit for 14 days at room temperature. During this period, the real Almond oil will separate from the rest of the mixture.
  6. Get the oil drained out into a different container with a strainer. It should be left for a while for you to get all the oil out.
  7. Your homemade oil would be ready. It can be used to moisturize your skin and it helps with your hair too. The leftovers can be consumed too, so you will not be compelled to throw them away.
how to make Almond oil
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And you are done.


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