How to support a suicidal and depressed friend

How to support a suicidal friend
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When a friend tells you directly that he or she has been thinking about suicide or hints that this is the case, it can be quite troubling.

You might be confused about what you can do to help, if you should take him or her seriously or not, or if your assistance might worsen the already delicate situation.

However, the truth is, taking action is the way to go and here are How to support a suicidal and depressed friend:

How to support a suicidal friend
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1. Ask your friend about it

People say the more you talk about suicide, the higher the risk of the victim actually taking his or her life. This is false and the fact is that whoever is going through depression experiences passing thoughts of death, and suicide is simply the easy way out for them.

However, rather than avoiding the discussion, ask this person if things have gotten so bad that they have thought about ending it. As your friend responds, that will be your cue to ask questions like what they have thought about and why they decided to think that way. From there, they will open up to you.

2. Let them know how much you love them

Hearing good things from a friend can help in reducing the loneliness and helplessness a suicidally depressed person is feeling. Your words are extremely important to them. Saying how much you care about them to their face, rendering assistance is important if you need them safe and sound. Make sure you do that.

How to support a suicidal friend
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3. Take them out

Most times, suicidal persons stop doing things they used to have fun doing. You should encourage your friend to continue doing the things they love by taking them out for a stroll or eating outside the house together. You can also advise him or her to try new things that they have never been used to, who knows, he or she might pick an interest.

4. Urge them to seek help

If you can, do the work for them. Reach out to a good psychologist for them, or ask for a referral on their behalf. If possible, go with them for their appointments. Make sure you also encourage him or her to stay strong and not see the situation at hand as the end of the world. You might think it is little, but trust me when I say all this actually goes a long way.

5. Give them some responsibilities

When a friend is depressed, you might think doing everything for them is best, but it isn’t. Even if it is fine to get things done for them sometimes, a depressed friend that gets things done for him or herself, and even others, will know they have to fight their suicidal urges, since they will have the feeling that others are depending on them.

These responsibilities should not be tasking since the last thing they need is stress, but trust this move to make them know you and others are relying on them. It will make them feel needed and appreciated.

6. Help them find God

A spiritual person will be protected from suicidal battles and urges. Encourage your friend to go to church, mosque, any other place where they can be connected to humanity and God. Prayers get answered if you ask from a clean heart.


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