Growing and maintaining a fuller hair with these essential fruits

fuller hair

Fruits are seen as massively important by beauty specialists when it comes to hair treatment and maintenance. And this is because they come with various vitamins. Like every other part of the human body, our hair also has to be nourished if we want them to grow the way we want.

As per recent studies, we actually have natural foods, especially fruits, that can give your hair the required nutrition. However, since everyone is joining the natural hair bandwagon now, knowing how you can grow a fuller hair is very important, and we can help with that. Let’s discuss 5 fruits that will assist you to grow and maintain a fuller hair:

Achieve fuller hair with these fruits

1. Avocado


This fruit is extremely useful when it comes to your health. Want to know why? It has lots of important vitamins. It is known to be vital for those that want to grow their hair and keep it full. Avocado has vitamin E and this is a vitamin that promotes hair growth. It can be used in 3 ways. See how:

  • Whoever is using it can mix it with a paste and use it as a hair mask.
  • Whoever is using it can extract its oil and apply on their hair.
  • Whoever is using it can consume it.

2. Banana


If you are still in doubt, this fruit is vital for hair treatment and maintenance. Bananas have various vitamins like vitamin A and minerals that stimulate hair growth and shines. The vitamin A in banana helps to boost the production of sebum on the scalp and this will make sure your hair is shiny. They come with pectin, fibre, and magnesium and their simple job is to strengthen your hair and stop hair loss. Whoever is using it can mix it with a paste and use it as a hair mask.

3. Coconut

Research has proven that coconut can be as useful as the Avocado since it comes with several health advantages as well. It is great for your hair too. It is seen all over the world as a useful hair supplement. The Coconut fruit is home to chain fatty acids a.k.a lauric acid and this acid helps to increase the protein levels in your hair.

4. Citrus fruit

It is popular for its high vitamin C content. Grape, blackberry, pineapple, and orange fall under this category. Researches have shown that they are extremely useful when it comes to boosting hair growth as well. The fact that these fruits are rampant is an advantage on its own.

5. Apple


Some of you are not aware, but if we list the benefits this fruit is known to provide, hair growth cannot be excluded. Apples actually help your hair because it has a huge number of antioxidants. The fruit contains vitamins and soluble fibres that strengthen your locks and guarantees zero cuts and splits of the ends.


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