Dressing tips for a casino visit

Dressing tips for a casino visit
People behind poker table in a casino

Watching movies that take place in a casino always feature the people there being very well dressed and all of them blending in with each other without looking ut of place. This is the code of the casino. While casino dress codes have been strict in the past, new dress codes are a bit more relaxed, but not to the point where you can just go in wearing nothing but flip-flops, for example. It is essential to wear comfortable clothes, as one tends to stay inside the casino for a longer time, and most people want to do this without feeling self-conscious during the entire evening.

Being more relaxed about the attire can do throughout the day, however, after 6 PM, the dressing codes of the casino become stricter. The person going to the casino after 6 PM needs to put a lot more effort into the clothing that they choose and the accessories that they wear. Since the internet has such a major presence in our daily lives, most casinos tend to have a website of their own with a section containing their dress codes. The dress codes possibly have many levels of attire such as business casual or black tie. These are all clothing terms that will be explained further.

Four of the dressing codes that are found and well known in many casinos are the rare white tie, the usual black-tie, business-formal, and business-casual.

White Tie and Black Tie

The very first and most demanding dress code required is White Tie. It is the most formal of the different dress codes. These codes can be found in the most glamorous casinos and the rules are very strict. As the name suggests, the worn bow tie must be white and the way that the bow is tied, should be by hand. The jacket is usually an evening tailcoat. It is usually worn unbuttoned and must have peaked lapels. The origins of this dress code can be found way back to the 18th century and have been worn by high-class citizens attending glamorous balls and parties and the tradition of this attire has stayed mostly the same, with minimal changes.

Some people may think that a Black Tie dressing code is something formal and does not take much consideration to decide the right attire to go alongside this code. Black tie tends to be confused with formal, a mistake that is repeated by many people, which tend to end up in the casino feeling a bit out of place. Black tie is second to the white tie dressing code. This can tell a lot about its seriousness. It is an improved version of business casual. The black-tie is something that can be seen in many casino movies such as the suit that the famous character James Bond wears in Casino Royale. As mentioned before, many casinos expect this dress in the evening after 6 PM.

In essence for men, it means wearing a tuxedo including a dinner jacket which can either be blue or black. A black bow tie, of course, dress shirt, either a waistcoat, vest or cumberbund and dress shoes that match the men’s tuxedo. For women, on the other hand, there are more flexible choices but it usually revolves around an evening gown and jewelry. Many casinos also accept cocktail dresses and pants suits, the final decision being left on the woman’s preference. Most casinos around the world have this dressing code as standard with White Tie being left to the more glamorous. There may be a time when the casino dress codes are unknown. In these situations, going black is the best thing to do. Men can wear dark jeans, a jacket, and shoes. Women, on the other hand, can wear long black dresses or whether a dark shirt with black pants and shoes. This can be a great way to avoid any fashion mistakes when going to an unknown casino.

Business Formal and Business Casual

Semi-Formal is considered a bit more elegant than business formal. The business formal dress code alongside black tie are the most popular among them. As the name suggests, it mostly refers to a business attire that can be worn either in a business-related environment but many people can be seen wearing this at a casino. Semi-formal and black tie is the most appropriate at the casino during the evening. The same applies to women as well. Women should be able to wear a business-appropriate dress.

When it comes to casual business attire, for men it is usually dressed slacks, a button-down shirt and dress shoes. For women, they can go with khakis, cotton pants and conservative length shirts or sweaters or a professional dress. In any case, dressing for a casino means dressing for elegance and even if the casino itself is mediocre, having proper attire is recommended in most cases. Dressing appropriately means respecting the casino’s guidelines and making a good impression on the rest of the guests in the room. The dress code also assists in helping people blend in together by not being overly dressed or not dressed well enough and the dress code can help the guests to find the right balance.

A Final Note

Some may not want to deal with the headaches of dressing appropriately for a casino night. If this is the case then the person should reconsider going to the casino in the first place. Games found at the casino can be enjoyed from home with the help of one of the many online casino websites such as Slotpark that available on the internet. They can be accessed by either phone, tablet or personal computer. In this case, worrying about the different dress codes is no longer necessary and people can comfortably enjoy the games from their home and without being disturbed by others.


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