Best head lice treatment for your children

Best head lice treatment children

Head lice are small, parasitic insects without wings, that see human hairs as home. The little amounts of blood they get from the scalp is their meal and they are very rampant among children.

They are very contagious, frustrating, and sometimes, difficult to eradicate. But even if they are annoying to cope with, they are far from extremely harmful. They are not disease spreaders, even if their bites can result in a kid’s scalp feeling itchy and irritated. This scratching can then lead to an infection.

It is wise to take care of head lice as soon as you spot them since they can be transferred from one person to another very quickly. Let’s discuss Best head lice treatment for your children:

Head lice treatment for children

How head lice spread?

Before you begin treatment, you must understand how your kid could’ve gotten head lice. Head lice have nothing to do with your personal cleanliness and they do not live on animals. The most rampant way head lice spread is via head-to-head contact. Meaning, your kid must’ve been rubbing heads with an infected person. It could be during sports or general playtime at school.

An uncommon way to get head lice is by sharing personal items that your head has touched, like your hat, comb, other hair items. Head lice must have a blood meal every twelve to twenty-four hours, therefore it is impossible to survive off the human head for longer than 24 hours.

Best head lice treatment children

How can I contain my child’s hair lice?

Immediately you confirm your kid has head lice, you must take steps to stop it from affecting others in your household.

  • Stay away from hugs and other close contacts.
  • Confirm if other children and adults in your home have head lice.
  • Most times, by the time you receive a call from a school nurse, your kid must’ve been infected for some time. Your entire family might have to be treated to prevent reinfestation.
  • Washing hats, pillowcases and identical belongings that the head came in contact with hot water can also assist in containing the head lice.

Pls note that disinfecting your home is not compulsory, because transferring of head lice from non-living things is very scarce.

Other head lice treatment for your kids?

  1. Destroy Their Home: Since head lice require a human host for survival. When the hair is gone, the head lice will be gone too. So, if you are ready to take the bold step, cut your kid’s hair and you will get rid of them. If your child already rocks short haircuts, the better.
  2. Over-the-Counter Head Lice Treatment: They come in the form of a shampoo. The major difference between several products is the active ingredient and which stages of head lice it destroys. Many OTC head lice treatments do not eradicate nits, therefore another application might be needed to destroy the nymphs immediately they hatch.
  3. Home Remedies: Parents can use home remedies like tree oil, mayonnaise, neem oil, vinegar, saline spray and so on. They work too even if they might take your time.
  4. Find Professional Help: You can just take it to those who know better. Reach out to your pediatric dermatologist and a solution will be provided.


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