7 important tips for savvy plus-size travellers

important tips for plus-size travellers
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Travellers come in different shapes and sizes.

If you fall in the plus-size category, then there are expected challenges you must be ready for along the way. It could be the very-snug aeroplane seats or spa robes that are for someone else who has a smaller size.

Not to worry though, because these issues can be avoided. And we will how this can be possible below:

1. Go for size-friendly airlines

important tips for plus-size travellers
Photo Credit: travel.lovetoknow.com

In America, several airlines want you to be able to lower both armrests and buckle up your seatbelt (using one extender). This is the test you need to pass for them to know if you might need to purchase a “comfort” seat.

If you feel you actually need an additional “comfort” seat, you will have to reach out to the airline to have it booked down.

The process might be different for other airlines in other countries, so make sure you communicate extensively with a customer service agent. By so doing, you are sorting out your convenience during your travel in advance.

2. Go with your personal seat extender

important tips for plus-size travellers
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At times, the normal seatbelts might not be long enough to give you the safety and comfort you seek. Most airlines have some seatbelt extenders for those that need it, however, not every flight attendant will deliver it to you delicately.

A wise and sensitive flight attendant should quietly pass the cleanly rolled extender to the plus-size passenger, but this is not the case most times.

Just save yourself this stress and embarrassment and bring your own.

3. Get to the airport early

important tips for plus-size travellers
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If you are not late, you will not have to race against time to catch your flight. Make sure your arrival time is well planned so that you will have extra time to relax before boarding. Head to the washroom before you board as well so you don’t have to use the small aeroplane toilets.

We also advise you to get a sandwich and a bottle of water. At times, your aeroplane tray tables will not fold down flat when your stomach is spacious, therefore, put the water inside the back of the seat pocket for uncomplicated access without the tray.

You should also partake in the pre-boarding call that is meant for passengers with young kids and those who require extra assistance or time as they board the flight. If you will be sitting at the back, it is wise to signify. You will not have to inconvenience others as you try to make your way with bags.

4. Be extra nice to your seatmates

important tips for plus-size travellers
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Your row could be tighter than other rows on the flight. And it is very difficult to cope with grumpy seatmates that give you the “I don’t like you.” look. You should smile more, say hi and introduce yourself to him or her. It is harder for the person to be mean to you when you are sweet to him or her.

If you can, buy something for everyone in your row and appreciate them for their cooperation and understanding.

If your row is filled up and there are open seats around you, you can always move. If you wish to make the switch before takeoff, reach out to the flight attendant. If you want to switch mid-flight, feel free to do it without calling anyone.

5. Stay away from teeny spa robes

important tips for plus-size travellers
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You might need some spa moment during your vacation. And a few spas will provide just one size of the robe to customers, which can be an issue for plus size visitors. If this is the case, ask whoever is offering if they have bigger robes.

The ideal spa is the one that will offer you the right robe without you asking anything. It is best to bring yours if you can to be on the safe side.

6. Head to destinations where big is beautiful

important tips for plus-size travellers
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You do not want to head to a place where people will judge you harshly for your size. Luckily for you, we have a list of countries where this will not happen and being plus-sized will not raise eyebrows.

One of such countries is Jamaica. Here, their men even say, “Bone is for the dog. Meat is for the man.” In other destinations, they even regard “looking big” as being rich and successful.

Countries that will not mock you are Samoa, Fiji, South Africa, Gambia, Egypt, Kenya and so on. Nations like Korea and Japan are the worst places for a plus-sized human to be.

7. Find fat-friendly resorts and specialized travel agents

important tips for plus-size travellers
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Some plus-sized travellers do not like the idea of them wearing a bathing suit in front of other slim-sized people. They feel the looks this act will attract can be so annoying that they might even lose interest in travelling.

A good way to avoid all this is to locate a size-friendly environment with the help of a travel agent that concentrates on helping customers with such.

When you book hotels, if you are a traveller with movement problems, you will need information about the number of stairs, how distanced the rooms are from the lobby, and if the hallways are large enough to contain devices such as scooters.


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