5 ways to improve your travel wardrobe

ways improve travel wardrobe

Travel wardrobes improvement will always be very key. No matter whether you are going on a weekend city trip or a two-week beach holiday: your travel wardrobe should be 100% tailored to your style, be as versatile as possible (to save you valuable suitcase space) and give you something to wear for everything you might want to do during your trip. Primarily, the perfect travel wardrobe consists of all the same qualities as a great capsule wardrobe, just on a smaller scale and for a much more defined set of activities.

You can look great and still travel ultralight if you’re strategic about what and how you pack. Just create an ultralight travel packing list to get started.

Your list will be unique to you because everyone has their own special needs. For instance, my sister is okay with using any provided hair products, but she has to bring my face wash. I also have to wear supportive shoes, so I can’t just walk around in a pair of flats for a whole trip.

You can avoid wardrobe malfunction on the road by enhancing the quality of your travel wardrobe. With some tweaks like wearing neutrals or buying garments that perform two jobs, you will be able to pack less and do more with what you have in your suitcase. You have to be creative. Let’s give you some tips in our list of 5 ways to improve your travel wardrobe:

1. Buy a basic T-shirt

women t shirtThe essential truth is, T-shirts are a traveller’s best friend. A quality, a tailored T-shirt is a bliss. Being tailored is vital as well because a baggy shirt will not bring out the best in you. Get one that fits your body and will flow with your jeans or shorts. A proper T-shirt can give you a business-friendly appearance and relaxed mode look. For guys, you can even wear your tailored tee under a blazer.

2. Wear reversible clothes

Wear reversible clothes

This can add colour to your travel wardrobe and give you several options to choose from, all in one garment. Search for pieces with bright patterns on one side and simple neutrals another to maximize its use. Just display your versatility with a simple clothing.

3. Go for neutrals

ways improve travel wardrobe

When you get confused, get yourself a palette of neutrals. Colours like black, white, cream and grey are amazing for summer or winter vacation wardrobes. You can now decide to mix and match inside that palette throughout the week. However, you do not have to roll with just solids, explore with bold stripes or delicate patterns.

4. Versatile footwear

ways improve travel wardrobe

Packing all the shoes you own is not necessary. There are multi-purpose shoes that can do 2 or 3 jobs, and this will help you pack light but still pack wisely. Go for ballet flats that can be called upon when you need to walk around comfortably and also when there is a cocktail party you wish to attend. Riding boots, as well, are useful with jeans or dresses and also amazing for airport security lines because they come with slip on and off.

5. Smart accessories

Smart accessories

When you rock basics on the road, you will want to spice up your dress with a few smart accessories. Beautiful and colourful necklaces in one strand are amazing, to say the least. Lightweight scarves can come in handy to boost your travel outfit. Stay away from one-off pieces of jewellery that you can wear just once like a cocktail ring that will most likely go missing in your messy hotel room.

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