5 quality weather apps to help you pack for your next trip

5 quality weather apps
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Are you angry because you were left cold and wet by weather applications that failed to predict a heavy rain, or by an app that predicted a much higher temperature than what you are experiencing? Well, I can help you to never go through that again with this article.

There are very reliable weather apps that are well tested and are known to not fail users whenever they are called upon. See them in our list of 5 quality weather apps to help you pack for your next trip:

Weather apps

1. Foreca

5 quality weather apps
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This application provides forecasts at news stations, cities e.t.c, but it offers a consumer weather app that you pay nothing for. It is ranked very high when it comes to being accurate in several cities in the US. It is an uncomplicated and simple-to-use app that displays the day’s high and low temperatures, the sunrise and sunset, humidity, and wind speed, at a glance. One tap will reveal hour-by-hour weather, and you will have access to forecast for 7 days in advance. Ads are present but they are not known to annoy users.

2. Hello Weather

5 quality weather apps
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This app is home to a combination of forecasts from Dark Sky, AccuWeather, The Weather Company, and AerisWeather. Users are allowed to use one source they will pay nothing for. To switch between providers, though, money has to be parted with. The app is free to use but if you want a pro version, get ready to pay decent cash. Some pro features include radar maps, real-time precipitation estimates and so on. Both versions come with a neat UI that seamlessly displays the vital aspects of the forecast on the screen.

3. Carrot

5 quality weather apps
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If you love a funny weather app, then this is the app for you. Carrot’s personality can be set to “professional” or “overkill,” it all depends on the level of sarcasm and naughtiness you feel you will fancy. The app is not free and it comes with various membership tiers if you need features like severe weather notifications or being able to switch between other weather sources. Its UI is very smooth and it reveals all the information you need about the forecast in one glance.

4. Weather Underground

5 quality weather apps
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This app is very accurate for a lot of cities in the US. It will cost you nothing to download but you must expect a lot of adverts. This app lets you bookmark various locations, so you can seamlessly switch between forecasts in several areas. Weather Underground displays the present temperature, the high and low for the day, and will even inform you if the temperature will be hotter or cooler than the previous day.

5. The Weather Channel

5 quality weather apps
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Super accurate as well. This app is free even if it is filled with adverts. The app lets you view hourly, ten-day, and historical forecasts. If you have no qualms with sharing your data, The Weather Channel can be the accurate platform you need for your comfortable and convenient travelling. Be careful though, because the app’s developer is presently battling a lawsuit brought by the city of Los Angeles. They are accusing him of tampering with the private data of users, which includes location data, and was sold to buyers.


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