5 kinds of foods to break your fast

food to break fast

Religious fasts are around the corner. And as we already know, several churches use the start of the year to fast for abundant blessings for the remaining months. However, even if there are various kinds of fasts, something is very clear, all fasts will be broken with food.

Hunger can force you to consume all your favourite meals and all the carbohydrate you have been longing to devour, but, there are a few things you must know when you are getting ready to break.

Experts have said that we should break slowly with foods that we can digest smoothly so as to stay away from gastrointestinal issues. Quickly eating foods that are difficult to digest, like bread and meat, will only leave you with a huge stomach and it can actually make you sick. Let’s keep you healthy and on your feet with our list of 5 kinds of food to break your fast with:

Foods to break your fast

1. Drink water

food to break fast with

Before anything else, you should drink water. A lot of times, as you fast, you start to feel dizzy and have a headache, especially if it is a dry fast. This is as a result of your blood sugar falling due to your hunger strike. You feeling dehydrated is also because your body system is lacking water. So, it is wise to drink at least one glass of water before eating your food.

2. Begin with fresh fruits

food to break fast with

Fruits with a lot of water, like grapes and watermelon, are the best options for re-hydrating the body because they can be digested easily. They really help your body to readjust. They offer the body the right energy and useful nutrients too. Other fruits like pineapple, pawpaw, apple, bananas are not bad choices. Stay away from citrus fruits, for instance, grapefruits, since they can upset your stomach with its high acidic content.

3. Get some soup

food to break fast with

Vegetable soups can be easily digested but how important they are doesn’t end there. They also bless your body with Vitamins A through E and give you important minerals. Some of the best soups you can break your fast with are Pepper soup, Mushroom soup, Chestnut & Meatball soup, Dumpling soup, Mustard soup and Tapioca & Coconut soup.

4. Get some carbs

food to break fast with

You are now free to begin to add complex carbohydrate in your diet. Carbs like Sweet Potato will give you the proper amount of energy and it will not increase your blood sugar levels. Sweet potato also comes with beta-carotene, Vitamin C and potassium. Other tasty food like yam, fish, beef, rice can come in handy here as well.

5. Round it up with protein and vegetables

food to break fast

You are allowed to consume one or more hard-boiled eggs or round things up with some vegetables. Eggs help to bless your body with protein since one egg gives 6 grams of high-quality protein and all nine important amino acid.


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