5 important reasons why you should not drink soda

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At several Nigerian parties, the drink everyone opts for is mostly soda or “mineral.” However, the chief executive officer of your Nutrition Delivery Erik Frank recently had this to say on that move, “One soda every once in a while won’t kill you, but a significant daily intake will lead to health issues. Like cigarettes, soda should come with a warning from the surgeon general. Why else would the City of New York try to limit its availability?”

It is true that soda is the most common class of drink but a lot of people have no idea how bad it is for them. Let’s explain why this is the case with our 5 important reasons why you should not drink soda:

reasons you should not drink soda
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1. It boosts your appetite for fatty foods

Soda does not just come with enough calories, it actually makes you crave for more calories. The clinical dietician at Cassena Care Felice Kosakavich backed this fact up with these words, “Drinking soda can lead to a false sense of hunger causing cravings for more sweets.”

The reason is for this is that your body feels it requires more energy after blood sugar spikes. It makes you feel weak, slow and hungry. Researches have even proven that humans tend to eat more when they drink more soda.

2. Soda can result in belly fat

If you begin to feel those fats in your stomach, Soda has a hand in it too. A nutritionist and fitness trainer, Franci Cohen agrees with this, “The high sugar content of soda has been conclusively linked to an increase in abdominal fat-which is dangerous, as this is where many vital organs are.”

3. It might make you diabetic

Tiredness is not a good thing but it is definitely not the worst thing to happen to a human being. Medical practitioners believe soda can also result in the dreaded diabetes. One of them used these words specifically, “Over time, this push and pull on the pancreas to produce more insulin and the cells to accept more sugar results in depleted insulin and insulin resistance of the cells—diabetes.”

reasons you should not drink soda
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4. Soda possesses excessive sugar

As you already know, soda comes with sugar. But that is not even a problem. According to Nutrition pro, Jacob Teitelbaum, “The issue with soda is not that it has sugar. Rather, it is with how much sugar—astounding three-quarters of a teaspoon per ounce.”

5. The higher your soda intake, the less hydration in your body

This is very key. The fact is whenever you drink soda, you are ignoring water. A popular trainer and YouTube star, Mike Chang believes that “Sodas do nothing but fill your body with empty calories and sugar. If you are drinking sodas, you are depriving your body of good clean water and increasing the demand on the pancreas, as it produces the insulin-producing cells with a greater challenge.”

Fitness expert, Jennifer Galardi also said when she is tired of water, her “favorite substitute for soda is some flavored sparkling water (try lemon or lime) with a splash of cranberry and a twist of citrus.”

Anytime you wish to down another bottle or can of soda in a week, make sure you do not forget the health hazards and try to stay away from excessive consumption of soda.


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