5 amazing health benefits of walking barefoot

health benefits of walking barefoot
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Walking barefoot comes with its advantages.

Taking time out to do it once in a while has a way of providing your body with some amazing health benefits.

A recent study even proves that walking with your feet directly touching the ground lets your body absorb negative electrons via the earth and these electrons help to keep your daily cortisol rhythm stable, thereby creating a balanced internal bioelectrical environment.

In other words, the negative ions on the soil can actually help to balance the positive ions in our body as long as you allow contact from time to time. When you do this, you will be improving your health in ways you do not expect. Lets elaborate with our list of 5 amazing health benefits of walking barefoot:

health benefits of walking barefoot
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1. It controls insomnia

Research seen in PubMed discovered that walking barefoot has a way of influencing physiologic processes and inducing relaxation. Studies have proven that those who have been exposed to grounding actually sleep better in the midnight as opposed to those that hate walking barefoot.

Why you might ask? Because walking barefoot has a way of stabilizing circadian rhythms, which helps to make you sleep soundly since it is the internal organ that is meant to aid the regulation of sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day.

2. It controls blood pressure

Research has proven that when you walk barefoot, you are actually stimulating the nerves in your feet. By so doing, you will be decreasing your stress levels. However, because stress is released via walking barefoot, it assists you to control your blood pressure.

3. It enhances your energy level

All nature lovers must already know we have higher energy in nature. Meaning, anytime you familiarize yourself with the natural world, you will tap into the higher frequencies that nature provides and boost your personal energy levels. However, since our vitality is persistently affected by modern society, it is best to create the time to walk barefoot from time to time.

4. It aids the reduction of chronic pain

Doctors have said that the electrons present in the earth can help the immune system in our body. Recent research has supported this claim too. It will not just help the immune system, it will also boost the oxygen levels of the body and therefore reduce chronic or acute pain in your system.

health benefits of walking barefoot
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5. It improves overall posture

Recent research has proven that shoes actually affect our feet. Foot muscles can be affected by the shoes we rock. These shoes and sneakers make these muscles weaker and not as strong as they should be. This can result in bad posture because we then have to depend on other muscles to the job on behalf of our feet.

The fact is weak feet can lead to bad posture which will then cause us back pain, neck pain, knee pain and all other kinds of pain we do not want.


Bottom line is, walking barefoot for fifteen minutes on a daily basis is good enough to give your body some of the health benefits listed above. Start indulging in that from now on.


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