10 safest places in Mexico for travellers

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“Is Mexico safe?” is the question on many lips. Some say it is dangerous and others feel there is no danger whatsoever for whoever visits the country.

The South American nation is huge, and around 28 million Americans go there every year. Going by this statistic, US citizens definitely see it as another place they can call home, so there has to be a certain level of safety that is guaranteed.

To assist you with any Mexico trip you might be planning in future, check out our list of 10 safest places in Mexico for travellers:

1. Mexico city

safest places Mexico travellers
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Even if it has a well-known reputation for being a dangerous place to be at, going to Mexico City only means you need to be more cautious, and this is for good reason.

It is generally safe and has several attractions for potential visitors. Some of these attractions are its street art, bright markets and over one hundred and fifty museums.

2. Puebla

safest places Mexico travellers
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This place is fast becoming a primary destination in Mexico. It is quite large as well, but what do you expect from Mexico’s 4th-largest city? Because it is at 7,200 feet above sea level, you never get to experience very hot weather, and that has to be a plus. No one appreciates a super hot environment.

3. San Miguel de Allende

safest places Mexico travellers
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This is another safe place in the land of Mexico. The high number of outsiders living there is a testimony on its own. It is located around the middle of Mexico and offers cobblestone streets, Spanish colonial churches, and several amazing restaurants. The closeby Sanctuary of Atotonilco is another attraction because it is a Global Heritage Site.

4. Tulum

safest places Mexico travellers
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If you are scared of Playa del Carmen, a popular site that was known for its crises and violence, then Tulum is a safer alternative. Fewer tourists are available and it is home to popular historic structures you will love to see. The State Department has firmly disclosed that there are zero restrictions to Tulum or to Chichen Itza.

5. Huatulco

safest places Mexico travellers
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This is a beach town situated in Oaxaca to the southwest of Puerto Escondido. It is home to several water activities like snorkelling, and scuba diving, a few closeby surf spots, and various coffee farms. It is seen as one of the safest places for Mexicans and outsiders. If you want a resort experience here, head to Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa, there are basic amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, yoga classes, e.t.c that will give you exactly what you crave for.

6. Merida and Valladolid

safest places Mexico travellers
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Both towns are amazing tourist hot spots. Merida is a town you can take a stroll in and you will not have to worry about anything. If you drive, it is also the safest way to travel in the country. In Valladolid, the people are welcoming, colorful and lovers of tradition. There are beautiful cenotes there as well. Your safety there is guaranteed.

7. Bacalar

safest places Mexico travellers
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This is an amazing place that can get too crowded sometimes. The lagoon you will find here is incredible. Also known as the Lake of Seven Colors, the lagoon stretches for 42 kilometres, no wonder it is referred to as Magical Town. What you would love the most about Bacalar is that it is not just safe, it is not expensive as well.

8. Guanajuato

safest places Mexico travellers
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It is home to ancient mines, preserved museum, and very narrow streets. Guanajuato can be visited as a day trip from San Miguel de Allende or can be used as a home base in itself. The people you see there are mostly native Mexicans, therefore you can learn their culture easily without encountering any problem.

9. Campeche

safest places Mexico travellers
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This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and its town surrounding is a major attraction here. There are huge Mayan ruins in the state of Campeche that are not as popular as the ones to the east, so they are not overcrowded. It is home to a beautiful colonial historic centre, amazing walls and fortress. Those involved in wedding photography will definitely love it here. Its people are kind-hearted too.

10. Queretaro

safest places Mexico travellers
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Its streets are a brilliant combination of old and very ancient and there are a lot of activities to engage in. Some of them are rock climbing, art view, architecture sightseeing and so on. Your safety is guaranteed alongside other privileges like its superb private education system, affordable healthcare, and lovely restaurants.


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