10 cheapest places to travel right now

cheapest places to travel

In several destinations, fall is a travel period. Golden months of September, October, and early November provide a unique window of less costly possibilities before the expensive prices of the holidays become active again.

And even if hurricane season means it is simple to locate a tropical steal (with a few risks involved), a lot of the best fall vacation spots are not in Hurricane Alley at all. They are far-off cities and islands with fresh routes and increasing airline options.

Because of the fresh airline routes and changing travel trends, some locales are amazingly cheap compared to how much the journey cost in 2018. Let’s expatiate in our list of 10 cheapest places to travel to today:

10 cheapest places to travel to today

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

cheapest places to fly

Searching for a historic city getaway that is cheap? Priceline airfare data reveals that Philadelphia fares are down eight percent from 2018 on average, and as per a report from Airfarewatchdog data, 27 percent of departure airports are noticing at least a 10 percent price drop compared to the same period in 2018.

2. Bali, Indonesia

If you felt going to Bali was the trip you could not afford, then fresh air competition to the island and the beginning of the wet season in October makes this fall the least costly time to visit. Fares reduce around this time of the year. Data from Airfarewatchdog also shows that forty percent of departure airports are seeing the favourable price drops.

An Airfarewatchdog analyst, Peter Thornton said this, “We’re seeing more flight deals to Bali this fall. It usually takes two stops and can sometimes require an overnight layover to get to this distant island of Indonesia, but it’s a traveller’s paradise once you get there.” “The best prices are usually on mainland Chinese carriers such as Xiamen Airlines or China Eastern, but we’re also seeing great fares on top airlines like Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, and a combination of SkyTeam partners like Delta, Korean Air, and Garuda Indonesia.”

3. Paris, France

cheapest places to fly

Paris made the list too. The French capital is revealing a sixteen percent drop in airfares for the 3-month period compared to 2018. Airfarewatchdog data agrees as they report states that a stunning 50 percent of departure airports are seeing at least a 10 percent drop in fares to Paris’ Orly Airport compared to 2018.

4. Sydney, Australia

You can turn fall into spring with a trip Down Under to seize the opportunity that a 20 percent savings can bring. Skyscanner says fares between September, October, and November compared to the same period in 2018 reveals an average drop of about $150. Airfarewatchdog agrees, showing that 54 percent of departure airports are revealing a favorable drop.

5. Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina

cheapest places to fly

Fall adventure is not expensive in 2 North Carolina hubs in 2019, these hubs are Charlotte and outdoorsy Durham. Skyscanner says that Durham is more than 30 percent off; which is way cheaper than this time last year. Charlotte reveals a 13 percent drop in average airfare.

Thorton from Airfarewatchdog says, “Spirit Airlines started its first flights to and from Charlotte in June, which has brought much-needed competition to this American Airlines stronghold.”

He added, “Frontier also added flights between Charlotte and Las Vegas in July, which provides more competition between Charlotte and the entire West Coast. Prices have come down on all airlines.”

6. Madrid, Spain

If you still fancy summer, there is no better place to get it done than the sunny, and beautiful Spain. Skyscanner data reveals a 30 percent decrease in average airfare to Madrid and Airfarewatchdog is in full agreement with this stat.

Thornton said, “Flights to Spain were cheap last year, but it’s even more affordable this year.”

“Thanks to both existing and new service on Level and Norwegian, flights to Spain are often less than many domestic flights. And you don’t have to fly on a budget carrier for a cheap flight: TAP Portugal expanded its presence in the U.S. to offer more one-stop flights to Spain from several cities. And we regularly see flights on American, Delta, and United in the low $200s roundtrip from New York and in the high $200s to $300s from several other major cities.”

7. Vancouver, Canada

cheapest places to fly

Canada’s lovely temperate city is shockingly cheap in fall. It is actually KAYAK’s 2nd-cheapest international destination for the 3-month period. Airfarewatchdog data reveals about 37 percent of departure airports are seeing a decrease in average airfares of at least 10 percent compared to the same period in 2018. Hotel BLU is there to give you the first-class accommodation you need.

8. Denver, Colorado

A Rocky Mountain high is dazzling in fall when amazing colours light up the trails and popular festivities such as the Great American Beer Festival hit the city. KAYAK and CheapTickets have said Denver is among the less costly places to fly in 2019. CheapTickets even say that September is the cheapest time to buy as things might begin to go up in November.

9. Athens, Greece

Warm locales in Europe enjoy shoulder season during fall, and this makes it the most appropriate period to get yourself a good deal and avoid the crowds. Skyscanner says Athens and Greece are 15 percent off compared to the same period in 2018. Airfarewatchdog data reveals that the downward trend is impacting forty percent of departure airports, therefore you will not need to look so far for a deal.

10. Jamaica

Even if Jamaica is known for its amazing beach destinations, this year is a brilliant time to experience Kingston, a fresh, culturally rich capital of the Caribbean. This is where you know what being in the heartbeat of Jamaica feels like. At a cheap rate, you will surely be dazzled with activities like rhythm rocking the streets throughout the day, and spots like the Peter Tosh Museum, Bob Marley Museum and Jamaica Music Museum. There are dance halls and the Trench Town Culture Yard to be explored.


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