10 best cities to live in right now

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Are you searching for the best cities to live in right now? According to The Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s yearly Most Livable Cities ranking, Vienna, Austria is currently the world’s most livable city, but we have other options to give you a choice.

Trust me when I tell you that the other cities in the top 10 are lively places to go too. This list is based on their stability, health care, culture & environment, education, and infrastructure. Let’s jump right into it with our list of 10 best cities to live in right now:

10 best cities to live in right now

1. Vienna, Austria

best cities to live

This is the federal capital, largest city and one of nine states of Austria. Its population is about 1.9 million. Vienna is the seventh-largest city by population within city restrictions in the European Union. Before the start of the 20th century, it was the largest German-speaking city across the globe. This city is located in the eastern part of Austria and it is near the borders of Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary. There are lots of museums and galleries of international reputation. Vienna is known for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cosy wine taverns, and the very unique Viennese charm.

2. Adelaide, Australia

This is the capital city of the state of South Australia. It is the 5th-most populous city of Australia. Adelaidean is what residents are called. The city is located on the Adelaide Plains north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, in the middle of the Gulf St Vincent in the west and the Mount Lofty Ranges in the east. It was named in honour of Queen Adelaide, consort to King William IV. It is a perfect location to enjoy on a student budget. It is not expensive and you will be exposed to a lot of opportunities. Transportation is convenient and you will enjoy its festivals. Their food culture is superb and employment opportunities are many.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

best cities to live

This is the capital and most populous city of Denmark. As at last year, its population was about 777,218 (616,098 in Copenhagen Municipality, 103,914 in Frederiksberg Municipality, 43,005 in Tårnby Municipality, and 14,201 in Dragør Municipality). It is located on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand, another little part of the city is located on Amager, and it is separated from Malmö, Sweden, by the strait of Øresund. This is a very happy place to be in. Danish designer goods are available for you to familiarize yourself with the country. It is home to electric buses, recycling-crazy citizens, clean harbours and beautiful shops and so on. If you want to have the time of your life, go there when it is Christmas and New Year season.

4. Tokyo, Japan

It has been the Japanese capital for decades now. As at last year, the Greater Tokyo Area was the most populous metropolitan area across the globe. Its former name is Edo when Shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu made the city his headquarters in 1603. It is known for being a city but it is governed as a metropolitan prefecture. The most recent estimate this year proves that the population is about 13.9 million people. This city ranks 1st in the Global Economic Power Index and 3rd in the Global Cities Index. According to the Mercer consulting firm, Tokyo is the 2nd-most expensive city for expatriates. When you get there, just try to it upstairs at the nearby Starbucks for the most amazing view over the pedestrian crossing. Or you can visit Harajuku to view Tokyo’s youth fashion culture. It is home to weird and wonderfully themed restaurants. There are several Karaoke venues around as well.

5. Toronto, Canada

best cities to live
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This is a very popular place in Canada. Most times, it is the setting for movies and TV series that are supposed to be shot in the US. As per recent reports from The Economist, Toronto is the safest city in North America. More impressive, it is the 8th safest city in the world. If we are being honest though, it has its crime problems and certain areas that tourists would not love to visit. However, it is still seen as the home of entertainment all across the globe. The city’s most iconic landmark, CN Tower has to be seen. The Kensington Market is also a great attraction for visitors because it flaunts Toronto’s popular multiculturalism. The Toronto Eaton Centre mall is also spectacular.

6. Vancouver, Canada

There are about 631,486 people in the city right now. This city has the highest population density in Canada, with more than 5,400 people per square kilometre. You will surely love it there because of its ethnically and linguistically diverse setting. About 52% of those that stay there have a first language other than English. Safety is guaranteed and violence happens scarcely. You can expect property crime though, so be careful with your personal items. Its medical facilities are top class. If you are a fan of the art of glass blowing and glass art, you need to be at this city. There will be lots of local products on display too since they are super proud of their culture there. Products like Native Sculpture, Handmade Soap, Chocolates, Umbrellas and so on.

7. Sydney, Australia

best cities to live

This is a beautiful place to live in. Just get yourself a decent job in a big town and you are good. The houses are not expensive, parking is not an issue, and transportation is fast and convenient. If you have children, they are free to roam within limits which are larger than in Sydney. It is safe even if a few crime problems and gang violence are to be expected in such a large city. Pickpocket risk is low, mugging risk is on the low side and scam risk is almost non-existent.

8. Calgary, Canada

12 years ago, Forbes magazine ranked it as the world’s cleanest city. Since that time, Calgary has still finished top of the 2014 Mercer Global Financial list for being clean. It is home to clean sewage systems, good water drinkability, availability and air pollution are very low. Littering is rare because there are so many fines you will be paying if you are found wanting. As for sales tax problems, you will not experience that in Calgary. Its public transit is convenient and there are several outdoor activities to indulge in.

9. Osaka, Japan

This is one of the main cities in Japan and it is located on the island of Honshu. It might not be as traditional or picturesque as other places in the nation but it is still a beautiful destination for you. Are you a foodie? Then you will enjoy Osaka since it is home to one of the best food scenes in the whole of Japan. To expand your knowledge about traditional art in the city, a trip to Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum will bring you up to speed. Sumiyoshi Shrine is also an ancient shrine in Japan, you should check it out too.

10. Melbourne, Australia

This is the second-largest city in Australia. It is a safe place to be in and the overall rating is 80% which makes it a place where tourists can feel safe walking around. Transportation is safe even if the stations in the city outskirts can be worrisome because they are empty. As for terrorist problems, it is not rampant. This city has no “rainy season.” The wettest time is Spring and there are no floods. The city is popular for its several laneways, cultural diversity, remarkable dining options for all kinds of budgets and beautiful street art. Melbourne is also famous for being the coffee capital of the world.


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