Why sleeping with your phone close to you can affect your health

Why sleeping close to your phone is bad
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It is now normal, especially amongst young kids, to sleep with your smartphone close to you. And a lot of times, under the pillow feels like the best place to keep the phone since it is easier to reach if someone tries to call. However, what most people do not know is that sleeping with your device close to you can be very dangerous to your health.

Research has proven that mobile phones do emit dangerous radiation that can result in an alteration in the system of certain self – regulating the process, like our biological clock or cardiac rhythm. So sleeping so close to your smartphone can cause nightmares, inability to sleep, waking up repeatedly before daybreak and so on. To make matters worse, it can even result in brain damage.

It does not end there, sleeping close to your phone can harm your body functions by reducing the production of several important hormones that are vital for your normal routine.

According to the World Health Organization, electronic devices are not good for the body since they produce toxic effects that expose you to cancer. An Australia study also revealed there is a relationship between the use of mobile phones and sterility in men. The study goes as far as saying it can decrease a man’s sperm quality. You don’t want that, do you?

Let’s expatiate by letting you know Why sleeping with your phone close to you can affect your health:

Why sleeping close to your phone is bad
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1. It could burn your pillow

Several smartphone owners are very addicted to their devices that they are willing to receive calls at any time, so they keep it under their pillow, where it can be reached, while they sleep. However, the sad reality is that this can lead to your pillows being set ablaze.

You don’t believe me? July, 5 years ago, a teenager from Texas actually arose from her sleep to find out that her sheet and mattress had been burnt by her Samsung Galaxy S4, which she kept under her pillow.

So, it is safe to keep your phone on airplane mode while you sleep. Or just power it off since smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation when they are powered on. A lot of phone batteries warn you about this already, you can check yours to confirm.

2. It endangers your health because of the emitted radiation

Generally, smartphones emit radiation due to transmission signal around 900MHz. Therefore, if you keep your phone close to your head for a long time, it can result in headaches, muscle pains and other serious health problems.

You should just learn to stay away from this habit because prevention is better than cure.

Why sleeping close to your phone is bad
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3. It can disturb your sleep

LED screens, including smartphones, tabs, televisions and other gadgets are known for their blue light, a kind of light that research says tampers with the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Studies show that blue light can disturb your circadian rhythms.

Even if the reason for this is still unclear, it could be because blue light emits wavelengths that are identical to daylight, which can trick our bodies to believe it is daytime.

So, we advise you to shut down all electronics 2 hours before going to bed. If you can, make sure all smartphones and laptops are kept in a different room from the one you sleep in.


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