5 regular makeup mistakes made by black women

makeup mistakes made black women
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Looking great is very key. No matter where you are, a nice physical appearance can really go a long way. And as we all know, when it comes to our beautiful women all over the world and what they do to enhance their beauty, makeup will always be a vital factor. However, since nothing is perfect, mistakes can be made with makeups too, and it is sad that black women still make these mistakes even if they can easily be avoided.

So, are you getting prepared for a night out with your date with your partner? Then this post will definitely help.

After several years of slumber, the beauty industry is finally awake to the unlimited potential that is associated with a beauty range that focuses on black women. Thanks to Rihanna’s Fenty, we now have one brand that concentrates on shades for black ladies, and Riri does not look like she will be slowing down in the nearest future.

Because of how scarce products that focus on black women are, we mostly have to do use the few that are available. However, in this tutorial, we will highlight 5 regular makeup mistakes made by black women:

1. Do not apply makeup on a dry face

Do not apply makeup on a dry face
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If you apply makeup on a dry face, your skin will surely appear cakey. Always make sure your face is well exfoliated and do not forget to moisturise before applying make-up. A layer of primer with a minimum of 30% SPV would make your face appear supple. The sunscreen will be a protection to your skin. Plus, the makeup you apply would blend seamlessly.

2. Find the right foundation

makeup mistakes made black women

Making your mind up on the best foundation can be quite complicated for black women. At times, blending 2 to 3 shades to get the right colour is what they resort to. Yes, it is very stressful, however, it is better than walking about with several shades of skin.

3. Excessive powder is not good

makeup mistakes made black women

After finding the best foundation, the wrong powder can still ruin your face. You need to put some thought into the type of skin you have. You must find out if it is oily, dry or mixed. Being aware of the category your skin falls under would make your application of powder an informed decision.

4. Be cautious with the brush

makeup mistakes made black women

You have to be very careful as you apply the brush. Sure, the appropriate amount of rosy cheeks will look amazing, but the wrong shade or excessive combination will be a disaster on your face. Nobody wants that.

5. Be picky with the lipstick

makeup mistakes made black women

Black skin appears beautiful with super bold colours. This is why red lipstick or dark purple always does wonders to a lot of faces. However, there are some colours that might not be appropriate depending on which spectrum your melanin popping skin is categorized under. With nude lipsticks, specifically, you must take your time to get the right shade. A Wrong shade might make you appear sickly. But this is not to say every nude lipstick is wrong, the aim here is for you to find your shade.


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