Urine therapy: How drinking your urine can actually help you

How Urine therapy can help

Urine therapy is a fantastic cancer treatment, especially if those suffering from the disease have already received radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

This form of therapy is basically the drinking of your own urine and massaging of your skin or gums, with it. It is massively beneficial to your health.

Even if orthodox medicine is yet to support this claim, there have been several testimonies saying it is indeed true. But I know what you must be thinking, “How exactly is drinking my own urine even safe?”

Well, the truth is that your urine possesses some cures to several deficiencies. It is some sort of purifier and it clears up mucus. Urine is fully sterile after secretion plus it can be antiseptic. Some have said urine can be dangerous to our health because if urea, the substance the urine is named after, gets to the blood, it can be really toxic. However, this is not true.

Urine is made up of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the rest is a mix of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes. However, the toxic substance will not be relevant when it comes to drinking urine since it is not instantly put back in the bloodstream.

Urine therapy is actually in 2 parts. There is the internal application, which is the drinking part and the external application, which is the massaging with urine. Both aspects of therapy work together and are very vital for the best results. So let’s expantiate in our post of how drinking your urine can actually help you.

Benefits of Urine Therapy

Urine therapy

1. It improves immunity

Urine carries antigens and antibodies. When you drink urine, the antibodies will go back to the body to improve the power of its immune system. Therefore, boosting immunity. And since we do a lot with this body on a daily basis, immunity is extremely key.

2. It prevents allergy

We all know what an allergy is. It is simply a hypersensitive response from the immune system to substances that go into your system or come into contact with the body. It causes a reaction that will not be palatable. The substance could be a meal, pollen, fur, dust e.t.c. Drinking urine can tackle that allergy because it has a few substances like an antibody which can stop the body from developing an allergy. We all want that, trust me.

3. It makes your heart healthy

Urokinase is an enzyme in the urine. It can stop or prevent arteries or blood vessels blocking, which can happen as a result of an accumulation of bad fat. This Urokinase enzyme also strengthens the heart and blood vessels function. So, you cannot blame medical experts for saying this form of therapy is a decent way to make your heart healthy.

4. It prevents viral infection

A virus is known to be a pathogen that can result in serious health issues for human beings. A few names of diseases that can be responsible for a viral infection like hepatitis, flu and so on can actually be cured by urine therapy. Your pee has an antibody that can aid the suppression of the viral infection. In fact, it can cure it.

5. It helps to keep your hair and prevents hair loss

When you rub your pee on the scalp, it can enhance your hair growth. This act also helps to prevent hair loss. Just mix it with potato starch and you will see the results it will yield. You will find out that you do not even need those expensive creams anymore and your urine delivers better, cheaper and quicker results.


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