8 terrible fashion mistakes you make while travelling

We are all guilty of fashion mistakes and I don’t mean you rocking flip-flops and cargo shorts.

However, what you must know is that some fashion mistakes you make in another country can actually be disrespectful to their cultural values. It can even make locals angry, and worse, expose you as a tourist that can be exploited.

But since we know that wearing the wrong thing on vacation can happen out of ignorance and not a bad intention, let’s get familiar with 8 terrible fashion mistakes you make while travelling:

Terrible fashion mistakes you make while travelling

1. Under dressing

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

US citizens are known for dressing more casually than others from different part of the world. Doing this can be disrespectful, and can even stop you from receiving permission to enter certain places. And it is not only rocking your humble sandals or not having a suit jacket that you have to bother your head about. Believe it or not, you can be walked out of a restaurant for failing to abide by the dress code. Several European cultures actually demand classy shoes and a long trouser for you to get into their restaurants. Yes, fashion is that serious.

2. Wrong shoes

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

One thing that exposes you as a tourist is an old fashioned pair of running sneakers along with jeans, all in the name of feeling comfortable. You really do not have to look like you are going to the gym for you to walk comfortably. This could be different from one person to another since there are factors like your sense of style and medical requirements — but less heavy shoes with a little bit of support are totally fine here. Slip-on loafers or ankle boots bring out the best in various clothes. In fall or winter, Chelsea boots are advisable for guys and ladies. For warmer times, Allbirds loungers or Suavs will help you to stay away from having bare feet on the plane. Pack some sandals too.

3. Flip-flops

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

They are not the same as shoes. They should be in your beach bag just for that walk from your hotel to the sand. You can have them in your luggage’s laundry compartment for your use in spa showers as well. If you do not joke with being clean, then you already know you must avoid wearing flip-flops in the airport security line or on the plane. If you cherish your safety too, wear something else in city streets you not familiar with.

4. Shorts on the plane

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

This one could be a choice I know, but it is a bizarre one. It is definitely not wise to wear shorts on a plane that is freezing. Plane cabins are known to be quite cold, therefore, protecting your leg area is not a bad idea. Yes, it could be sunny outside the airport, but your comfort on the plane has to be taken seriously, especially if won’t be a short flight. If you did not know, you could be asked to change what you are wearing before you board. Three years ago, JetBlue asked a customer to replace her shorts before the plane took off. “While the customer was not denied boarding, the crew members politely asked if she could change.”

5. Revealing clothes

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

Ladies that travel to the Middle East are normally expected to be covered up from their knees up to their shoulders. If you are heading in that direction during warmer weather, go for a material that is light. To cover up before you enter religious places, a Pashmina scarf can come in handy. Without it, you might be prevented from going in. And you already know this can ruin your trip and any sightseeing plans you might have. Countries with Buddhist and Christian cultures always want you to cover your skin, so any skimpy stuff will be frowned upon. In Spain, Catholic see anyone rocking shorts or short skirts on holy periods like Easter as completely disrespectful.

6. Unpleasant t-shirts

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

Do not go about with shirts that flaunt political slogans, designer logos or even football clubs logos if you are not interested in anyone speaking to you about them. If you are seen or heard arguing about politics or engaging in other controversial discussions on religion, sports rivalries, it could be culturally intolerable. And trust me when I say airing your honest and humble opinion could be you exposing yourself to danger from those who do not agree.

7. Over-activewear

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

Flying in your casual, comfortable clothing can be convenient, but dressing up in activewear for sometime around town can be you setting yourself up to be pegged as an ugly US citizen. Ditch the hoodie and running shoes and go for proper staples made from quality material.

8. Backpacks

terrible fashion mistakes while traveling

Except you are going to school or your place of work, it is unnecessary for a grown man or woman to move about with a big backpack on a regular day. Travel backpacks, specifically, can be large and will surely be a problem to those around you, especially if you will be using a crowdy, public transit or going to a tourist attraction that attracted so many people.


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