5 special travel fabrics you should know about

special travel fabrics
Photo Credit: smartertravel.com

Every traveller looks for adventure.

At times, the adventure can begin before you even leave your house with special fabrics that will be part of your travel clothes.

From yak wool, pineapple fibres and so on, below are 5 special travel fabrics you should know about:

5 Special Travel Fabrics

1. Yak Wool

special travel fabrics
Photo Credit: smartertravel.com

This is gotten from Tibet and transformed into outdoor performance wear and it provides a shockingly convenient wearing experience. Kora’s Hima-Layer yak wool offers soft, breathable, warm, and odour-resistant travel fabric. And luckily, the wool can also be washed with a machine. Kora manufactures base layers, mid-layers, leggings, hats, and socks using yak wool.

2. Pinatex

special travel fabrics
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This one is gotten from pineapple leaf fibres and it is a brilliant alternative to leather. H&M is working with this uncommon non-woven fabric for its Conscious Collection. The Jacquard-patterned Boots provides comfort and the Padded Bag incorporates a Pinatex band for more sustainability.

3. Beechwood

special travel fabrics
Photo Credit: armourvert.com

It is shocking that a tree can produce such fabric. The beech tree is a completely sustainable and self-propagating source that needs no artificial irrigation. They are responsible for giving the world one of the softest fabrics we will ever see and feel. Bleusalt flaunts this fabric with their shirts, pants, dresses, and wraps and scarves.

4. Cupro

special travel fabrics
Photo Credit: joann.com

This is a regenerated cellulose fibre that is popular for its silk-like feel. It is one of the best fabrics for travel since it is breathable, quick-drying, and provides odour control. Fashion brand, Uniqlo flaunts this fabric with its AIRism line that includes shirts, undershirts, bras, female underwear, shirts, undershirts, male underwear, children hoodies and so on.

5. Hemp

special travel fabrics
Photo Credit: etsy.com

It is currently in the process of reinvention. Proof is Patagonia and its line of hemp wear flaunts an informational page with these words, “Natural. Misunderstood. Legal.” Most people see hemp as something bad, however, you will be shocked to find out that hemp gave us this cool, soft fabric that is durable, breathable and amazing for travel clothes. Patagonia’s present collection of hemp-wear are shirts for both genders, old and young, shorts, pants, dresses and skirts.


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