5 health benefits of eating peanuts that will shock you

health benefits eating peanuts

A lot of people might not know, but groundnut is actually one of the best sources of protein. It is also very essential if you want to be healthy.

Even if they come with excessive fat, this is a useful type of fat because it is a monounsaturated one. Groundnut, a.k.a peanut or pignut, also come with magnesium; foliate, vitamin E, copper, and arginine and they are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

And as per the latest studies, the skin possesses a lot of natural antioxidants and a super high content of dietary fibre. This concerns the different kinds, such as light-roasted or dark-roasted. Let’s expatiate by showing you 5 health benefits of eating peanuts that will shock you:

health benefits of eating peanuts


health benefits eating peanuts

1. It possesses antioxidant

Groundnut skins have phenolic compounds, meaning they have the right amount of antioxidants. And as we know, antioxidants assist in protecting the body from oxidative stress, which happens when a human is suffering from cancer or any disease.

They are very effective substances, which stop and prevent the oxidation of other molecules in the body.

According to a North Carolina University study, 7 years ago, published in the “Journal of Food Science,” adding a five per cent concentration of peanut (groundnut) skins to peanut butter massively improved its antioxidant levels without tampering with the taste or texture.

2. It has heart-healthy fats

Like I wrote earlier, groundnut comes with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that make sure your heart remains healthy. And this is what every human should want because, with the right level of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, you can reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of coronary heart diseases.

3. It is a high source of protein

If we are talking about the healthiness of our cells, protein is key. The reason for this is that our body cells are repeatedly being replaced and repaired and to make sure the fresh cells are healthy, and the damaged ones repaired properly, protein is needed.

Groundnuts have proven that they are a very huge source of plant protein and doctors have urged every human being to add it to food for kids, vegetarians, and protein deficient people.

health benefits eating peanuts

4. It is a rich source of minerals

It is a very rich source of minerals. Some of the minerals are magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium, sodium and so on. Our bodies require these minerals to function properly. And the right supply of these minerals will give you a healthy heart and reduce the risk of mineral deficient diseases.

5. It comes with rich vitamins

We already know that when it comes to full growth and development, vitamins are highly needed. Vitamins do not just give you good health for your cells and tissues, they also assist in the battle against infections. By so doing, your organs will function as they should. Groundnut is home to vital vitamins that help to regulate metabolism, convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. They also aid bone and tissue formation. More recently, studies also proved that it decreases the chances of birth defects and anaemia related conditions.


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